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Yamahaseascooter.gr offers a wide range of products that market, collaborate and equip: water sports professionals, beaches, hotels and individuals all over Greece.

Yamahaseascooter.gr collaborates and represents for Greece the most innovative companies of all kinds.

Cases entitled to a reduced VAT exemption or exemption (fishermen, border areas, companies that cut Material Procurement Bulletin) are served by Yamahaseascooter.gr only upon consultation at 2810372992, or at info@yamahaseascooter.gr

When you contact us, you will be informed about the exact cost, payment method and shipping method of your order.

WARNING: If you make a direct purchase from Yamahaseascooter.gr e-shop without notifying them that you are entitled to a reduced VAT% or exemption, you lose that right. Yamahaseascooter.gr bears no responsibility in this case.


You can cancel an order by calling 2810372992 directly, or by e-mailing info@yamahaseascooter.gr. Please indicate the order code, the date it was made, and the name of the customer.

A prerequisite is that the order has not been shipped by Yamahaseascooter.gr to your registered office. If not, you should contact us to resolve the resulting financial dispute.

As a rule, money is not refundable.


Yamahaseascooter.gr is not liable to its customers for any damages arising out of or in the execution of the order.

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